March 23, 2016

The owners of the Brooklin General Store have been involved in a careful and involved assessment of the store’s premises since access was gained from the previous tenant last month. The pause in the Brooklin General Store’s operations presented an opportunity to revitalize the property as a means of ensuring its longevity. We explored multiple options and had hoped to save the original front structure of the building but with the input of several building professionals the difficult decision was made to seek approval for a total rebuild of the store. We have hired architect Lauren Reiter of Reiter Architecture & Design for the proposed project. The plans will reflect our intent that the store maintain a similar presence as before. The Application for Permit, which includes the drawings of the proposed redevelopment, will be filed on March 24, 2016 with the Town of Brooklin for review by the Planning Board.

The importance of the Brooklin General Store is proven by its 144 years of open doors. We’re dedicated to honoring the history and recognize that the store is much more than a convenience and fuel store. The central location at the crossroads of Brooklin affords an ideal gathering spot and we are keeping this concept in the forefront of our plans. We are working diligently towards our intended goal of reopening the store as soon as possible.